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Here are the pictures of the birds I have and raise:

                        These are the blue girls:


   My beloved splash Roo T.C. with Sterling


         And here is my new light blue girl Sterling!
                (she is out of en egg that I bought form Melanie at fluff n stuff)
           Some of the babies My birds have givin me:
These are pics that Melanie sent me of the blue and
   splash babies she hatched from my eggs:
The way the Blue gene works in a breeding can be broken down as follows:
1) Blue x Blue: This will produce 25% black, 50% blue, 25% splash.
2) Black x Blue: Produces 50% black and 50% blue.
3) Black x Splash: You'll get 100% blue.
4) Blue x Splash: Produces 50% blue and 50% splash.
5) Splash x Splash: This will give you 100% Splash.